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James Karnik Profile Picture

James Karnik Bio

Height: 6'9"
Weight: 250LBS
Nick Name: Captain Canada

"On the court, I want to be known as a leader, energy guy, tough, dedicated and willing to do the gritty stuff to get the job done. Off the court, I want my teammates to think of me as an approachable guy that's easy to get along with. I want them to think of me like a family member or a brother"

Where did the nickname Captain Canada comes from?

James is nicknamed Captain Canada as a homage to his home country and for his resemblance in both appearance and impact to Captain America actor Chris Evans.

James Karnrik and Captain America

Figure 01: James Karnik being compared to Captain American on ESPN

Where did the catchphrase "Release The Beast" 
comes from?

The catchphrase came from James fans in 2020 when James moved from Lehigh to Boston. There is a transfer rule that makes athlete ineligible to play in the first year they transfer. The catchphrase was born from the excitement of his fans when James was granted immediate eligibility to play from the NCAA, waiving the transfer rule. The original phase was "Activate The Beast" but later evolved to "Release The Beast". 

James Karnik Release The Beast

Figure 02: Social Media Post From Fans For When James Was Able To Play For Boston College

Question for James - Why Do You Play Ball?

Basketball has always been a sport I am passionate about and something I've always wanted to pursue. I love the idea of being able to get to a point in my life where I am position to better the community and those around the world through the game of basketball. Being able to interact and provide people opportunities who may not have many otherwise.

Question for James - How do you feel before game?

I have so many emotions before the game, from excitement to nervousness. Being able to control those feelings before tip-off has been a part of my process of growing as a basketball player.

Question for James - What does winning a game mean to you?

Being very competitive, winning is what drives me the most. The competition in the game is what makes it fun and being successful and winning just solidifies all the hard work I put into the game.

James Karnik And A Couple Of Shots

James Karnik Basketball Career

Lehigh Mountain Hawk Team Photo
Lehigh Mountain Hawk

Lehigh Mountain Hawks Men's Basketball

Boston College Basketball Team
Boston Eagles

Boston College Eagles Men's Basketball

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